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  • The Benefits of Online Therapy

    A silver lining that has emerged from the pandemic is a new awareness of telehealth or online therapy, which is a tool to access therapeutic services that has actually been around for years. It is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, given the safety concerns and mandates that required many people to work and interface with the world, remotely. Although life is finally getting back to normal, this online options continue to offer many benefits to clients and therapists alike. Here are some of the highlights:


    Better Access to Care

    In some rural areas of the country, it’s not easy to find qualified mental health therapists. Online therapy provides mental health treatment by a preferred therapist licensed in your state, to anyone who needs it regardless of where they live.


    Online therapy allows individuals to receive help from the comfort of their home. Online therapy is always completely confidential, just as it would be for a client who was meeting with their therapist in person.


    Clients don’t have to commute to therapy anymore. They can just click onto a link, and begin their scheduled session. This eliminates the worry about getting to an office on time, and clients can login to their session from anywhere.


    Online therapy allows clients who are not feeling well, are unable to leave their home, or are dealing with challenging weather, to receive the help they need and to feel comfortable doing so.

    Access for Disabled Populations

    Sometimes the people who need therapy the most find it difficult to leave their homes or navigate the outside world. Online therapy allows bedridden clients and those with chronic illnesses access to the help they need.


    I provide online therapy to clients throughout the states of Texas and California. If you’d like to explore this style of treatment, I look forward to hearing from you.